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Suitcase. A Weekend In Paris

A summer weekend and Paris. The two things just go so well together. Last weekend I packed a bag, jumped on the Eurostar and made the hop across the channel where I popped up the other side a Parisian.

I’m lucky enough to have visited Paris a few times now so I’ve had many a chance to explore the city and do all the tourist sites. This time I went to France’s capital with one thing in mind, to live like a local.

A booked a little 1 bedroom Air Bnb in Saint Germain (my most favourite area of the city), and I had a beautiful little surprise when I arrived – you could see the Eiffel Tower from the window! Cue: gushy ooh’s and aah’s for at least 30 minutes every day. I simply got lost in staring at the view, particularly at night when the light show was on.

By day I went for walks amongst the many streets. Honestly, I could spend hour upon hour just soaking up the architecture of this place, I truly think it wins the award for the most spectacular in the whole world.

I took my book to the Jardin de Tuileries and soaked up the surroundings…

I brushed up on my French by having some wonderful chats with locals and I took myself off to lunch at Le Restaurant for a treat - read more here.

Of course I had one [or several] treats from the beautiful patisseries...

I wandered the streets of Marais and visited the lovely Merci store and bookshop cafĂ© where I simply had to buy one of their iconic little Merci medallion bracelets…

Friday night I found the local hotspot and sat by the river near Gare d’Austerlitz. I swear the whole 20-30 year old population of Paris was there. People sat by the water, eating and drinking, and, even better, they play Spanish music and tango together in large groups under the moonlight. It was quite a sight. Sadly no photos of this one as it was too dark. You'll just have to go and see for yourself!

I shopped at the markets in Rue Cler for bunches of blooms and a picnic lunch by le Tour Eiffel. These were the best berries of my life [no joke]…

Then I took myself for a much needed gelato [Amorino is the best by far!]. After all, it was 30+ degrees for most of the weekend…

On Saturday night I sat roadside at a delightful little bistro, known for its gratin. Bristrot des Augustines. It was delectably good and not too rich either [as French food often is]…

Then Sunday morning I took myself for a little continental petite dejeuner by the river. That’s breakfast for you non-French speakers…

By this stage I had consumed a whole lot of croissants and baguettes over the weekend so I thought I better step up the exercise from walking to bike riding! Not only can you cover a lot more ground than you can on foot but it’s so much fun!

Sadly then my time was up and it was time to make the underground journey back to London but not before I had my last meal... A croque monsieur!

Thank you Paris, I had a beautiful weekend and am now feeling revitalised by your zest for life. Merci.

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Photos by Krissie
sho fia

sho fia

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